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Originally Posted by Ed Wiser View Post
After retiring and getting back in to club rides again things have changed. No on stays in the back and they loosely sweep the ride.
times have changed and riders are more into their own ride and not so much into helping beginners.
They feel they should not attend a ride if they can not keep up with the group.
But that is the was society is today self inward looking and not thinking of others.
I guess some of this depends on what one means by a "club" ride. An open-to-the-public, anyone-can-come ride should definitely accommodate those who can't keep up by waiting or sweeping. But if it's an actual cycling club, whose members ride together regularly and are of known abilities, expecting the whole group to sacrifice the pace and tempo for some off-the-back rando seems selfish.

In my club, if a member brings a newbie on the weekly ride, the newbie is entirely his responsibility for the duration. If the guy or girl keeps up or shows promise, they might be invited to join the club. If they don't, there are other local rides better suited for beginners. They're always encouraged to try again later.

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