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Thx for replies.

You don't have to put it so extreme (every man for himself etc.), what I have in mind is like if people on motorbikes go for a sporting group drive and some of them have 350+ cubature and some only 125-250 cc bikes. Come first bigger hill, those smaller motorbikes will lag behind and it makes no sense for those on big motorbikes to repeatedly wait for those slower ones (it is a difference in class).

The bigger guys will cut slack for one of their average strength but not for those who obviously are a burden. When I was in my late teens, I joined a racing club which you may say is different but not really. We would start in a group around twenty and come first longer/steeper hill, fifteen of the guys would leave five of us younger ones behind since we couldn't even keep in draft (we knew up ahead that would happen). Then we continued on our separate rides in two groups, at our differing ability but within each group, it wasn't dog eat dog riding as you seem to read into my post.
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