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Originally Posted by UCantTouchThis View Post
Not churching anything up. Not sure why you are making a deal about it. Not sure how old you are but before ONLINE, we used to send for things by mail. By way of applications, order forms, so maybe you're too much of a kid to remember that or think it is something people say. Maybe your part of the country is different then mine, just not sure why you want to ridicule one's way of speaking. There is more history to life than the internet.

Now that I see Des Moines on your profile, I can see why you are so limited in everyday phrases.
Ok, my obviously joking post clearly got you riled up a bit.
I am 40 and very much remember life before the internet when sales were through catalogs. Again, it was just funny to see because of the image that popped into mind.
My apologies- I definitely should have just kept the image of a nobleman sending for his jersey in my head.

As for where I have lived and currently live- I have no desire to get into a measuring contest with you.
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