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Originally Posted by mstateglfr View Post
Ok, my obviously joking post clearly got you riled up a bit.
I am 40 and very much remember life before the internet when sales were through catalogs. Again, it was just funny to see because of the image that popped into mind.
My apologies- I definitely should have just kept the image of a nobleman sending for his jersey in my head.

As for where I have lived and currently live- I have no desire to get into a measuring contest with you.
Read some posts earlier in the thread; those contests are kind of his thing.

I canít fathom anyone thinking that Rapha jerseys arenít good enough. I have a bunch, and they are as good as any Iíve owned and better than most. And, to relate it to the thread topic, Iíd say they have been great values ó worth every penny paid and then some.

By the way, I can remember ordering things from the Sears catalog store and then going to pick them up the next week. Do I get some sort of prize? 😀

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