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Originally Posted by Bob S.
One thing that I am having difficulty finding is a decent 'tire bag' for tubulars. I am old school enough that I used to have a relitively flat, rectangular bag ... Big enough to comfortably carry a tire, kit & an odd tool or so, but also big enough that I could jam in 2 tubulars if I was in the mood.
Any ideas or suggestions for decent tubular bags? Thanks Bob
PS. While on the subject... Any one know of a source for NOS Bata Bikers shoes?
Jandd Mountaineering
TireBag II
willhold 2, but looks pretty much like a traditional tiere sock in size, good stuff
most of the shops around here stock this if they carry Jandd...

Otherwise, Lone Peak (stilla round?) mkes one that is a bit more 'wedge', but still designed to carry a sewup with minimal folds - I gave mine to my son. Nice, w/coin pocket.
The Jandd, however, looks the real vintage deal.

Bata Bikers, dooooodeeee, prolly the same dealer/shop/place that has NOS stock on Bell Bikers...
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