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I'm not sure I mentioned this but my cycling buddy bought a Centurion LeMans. I think an '89. It's a small frame in great condition, previously owned by a little old lady who rode it only on Sundays... to church. He paid 10 bucks under the asking price of 50 bucks. The color scheme is identical to the purple rain IRONMAN. So several weeks back he asked can I tune it up for him I said sure. He came over with the required 6 pack payment. I had actually talked him into overhauling that 30+ year old bike. My plan was to use the same tactic my mechanic Uncle Joe used on me when I asked him to help me put new brake shoes on my pickup bitd. He said bring me that chair, sat in it and simply told me what to do.
But the funny part about trying to teach my cycling buddy was when we removed all the components and I said now clean them to you're own standards then we'll oil or grease and reinstall. 2 hours later he was still cleaning and had already asked for a toothbrush when his wife called.
When he left, the bike was completely disassembled with ultra clean parts in a box. I ended up doing the rest....still that was funny seeing him clean those parts with a toothbrush and me watching him while drinking a beer.
Yesterday, he told me he commutes to work on it and is thinking of putting leather wrap and matching saddle on it. The best part is at 30 years of age he's younger than the bike.

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