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Originally Posted by 55tele View Post
When you say you “indexed”, you checked / trimmed with either shifter adjustment or etube software?

if you did do this without the software by going into the adjustment mode and jogging the RD with the shifter buttons, I’d try again……easy to lose your reference point….I prefer using the software…
Yes, I checked and trimmed with the shifter adjustments. It shifts crisply into all gears, and doesn't make the "crackling" sound I'm accustom to when my Cervelo is not indexed properly, so I'm not thinking it's the indexing, but I did to it with the shifter buttons and not the software. I'm not familiar with doing it via the etube software, so I'll find a video on how to do that with the software and give that a try tomorrow.

Originally Posted by 55tele View Post
Another possibility, is a very slightly bent Derailleur hangar….have alignment checked …..
I checked it tonight with a Park Derailleur hanger tool (probably should have done that earlier to rule it out 100%, but visually it looked good and the crips shifting made me think it was ok). The hangar was aligned properly (less than .5mm at any of the 4 points checked), so that doesn't seem to be it.

Originally Posted by 55tele View Post
How old = worn are the cassettes?
The cassette on the Zipp wheels was new with this build, so it has less than 200 miles on it (the other 300 miles on the bike have been on the direct drive trainer). The cassette on the trainer is around 1500 miles and the one on the Icann wheel is around 3500.

Thanks for the ideas/response, I'll check the etube indexing and report back.
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