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Originally Posted by Iride01 View Post
Just a thought, but do you know all those wheels and trainer put the cassette in the same position with respect to the DR?

Is the one that you had on it when you adjusted the positions the quiet one or was it noisy too?
I guess my answer is that I don't know enough to know. My thought is that (at least in theory) the trainer and both wheels should put the cassette in the same place in relation to the the derailleur. But, in the real world I would imagine each has some level of error in manufacturing that would cause some discrepancies.

My intent in trying different wheels, cassette, and the trainer was to try and narrow down whether I had a wheel problem, a cassette problem, or none of the above. At this point I'm leaning towards it being something other than the wheels or cassettes themselves as the sound varies across the two different wheels and the trainer, but it is universally noisy across all 3.
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