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What happened?
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Well, you're still here and perhaps not wearing wrist braces...what a difference 4 years makes.

Originally Posted by AEO View Post

typed in size 4 font so everyone can read it.
  1. It scares away users, reducing server load at peak hours, meaning faster load times.
  2. It teaches you the importance of spending time and money in the proper places.
  3. It improves your brain age, because you have to think long and hard for the correct keywords, since search doesn't work.
  4. It shows you the importance of pre-release product testing.
  5. People using IE can't post new threads, meaning they can't ask silly and repetitive questions
  6. The font is so small when replying to posts, that it prevents old senile people from ever seeing what they've typed.
  7. It brings back childhood memories of an easter egg hunt, only you get to hunt for bugs.
  8. If you like to stare at pleasant stuff, it's a great site to look at.
  9. It teaches you how to buy stock when it's low.
  10. Your cat will love just how flashy this place is and will be glued to the screen.
  11. It makes you ride your bike instead of having you sit on your ass typing away at berated internet pixies.
  12. It makes Windows Vista look like an acceptable product
  13. It aids in your finger strength development by forcing you to click more through a simplified navigation.
  14. It teaches you the "wild goose chase", where you can lodge complaints and get the run around.
  15. It is so complicated, that people get paid to write a manual on how to use it.
  16. It gives business to your local drug store from the painkillers you bought for your headache, caused eyestrain from the forum.
  17. You're assured inconsistent layouts from icons not loading, meanings more fun and hilarity while browsing multi-page threads.
  18. Forces people to a proper computer, as crackberry and iphones don't have the screen capacity.
  19. Shows that a diverse populace of people will put aside their differences and unite to lodge complaints.

wait, that's more than 12... oh well.
I leave this post for all those to see in the future, whenever a newer incarnation of vB comes along, of all the improvements that might have been made over the freshly implemented v4.0. Hopefully they (younger generation) still have a sense of humour in the near future and make their own satire positive reflection.
It was good for us to guineapig vB4, the proof is in all the other forums sites I see, all improved since we pioneered this platform.
I don't know nothing, and I memorized it in school and got this here paper I'm proud of to show it.
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