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After my ride yesterday, I spent about an hour and a half, making the Circuit gleam. I started by using a clay bar, and followed that with Meguiar's Scratch-X. It's amazing stuff! A lot of the paint was kinda matte, especially around the BB. This stuff polished that right up! Then I touched up the paint with some Testors Dark Red, which dried a little darker than I hoped, but at a distance it's not visible. There were also weird chips in the "Schwinn" decal on one side. Schwinn went non-traditional in labeling this model, and probably the other lightweights around this time. There's nothing on the downtube, but it says SCHWINN down both sides of the seat tube, and CIRCUIT on the top tube. The Schwinn is in silver, and there were chips there that didn't go down to the metal, just to the red paint. So I used silver Testors to fill that in. I could have wished for a finer brush!

Once that dried, and Mrs. GeneJockey and I watched the last two episodes of "Sneaky Pete" together, I greased up the seatpost and seat tube, inserted the former into the latter, clamped it down, and went to work.

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