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I'm honored

Someone that has been "riding for a while", and "been on the Internet of Bike for a while" knows how my tires respond. Very impressive. I can't argue with his impeccable resume. So I guess I was just wrong when I felt my tires get softer and deflect less after they expanded. Grolby is so generous to provide me his omnipresent insight!

Originally Posted by grolby View Post
I've been riding bikes for a while. I've also been on the Internet of Bike for a while, for better and worse. I'll be generous and just say a) I've never heard of this before, and b) this 100% flies in the face of all my experience. Tires can slightly expand from when they're first mounted, but generally by very small amounts if they do at all which most do not. The ride quality bit is just nonsense. Completely imaginary. Not a thing.
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