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@ Darth Lefty - Sorry to hear about your crash.

Another four-day week for me and November continues to be generally mild and dry. Tuesday's ride home was a nightmare though. Firstly, I had students larking about on a SUP causing me to gently graze a parapet wall trying to avoid them moving the wrong way when I called out that I was passing - no real dramas. Secondly, I had a car emerge from a side road on my right at exactly the same time I was passing. I was on the major road and had priority but the driver's attitude was something along the lines of, "You're only on a bike and there's enough room for me to fit in." This was as close as I've ever come to being T-boned and my load shouty scream had no effect on the moron driving. Thirdly, I'm 200 yards from home and riding towards a T-junction where I'm turning left. In the last 30 yards a car decides to overtake me by driving on the wrong side of the road and then sharply turn left totally cutting me up. Only by me backing down in this game of chicken did I avoid being driven over or sent over his bonnet. Scary stuff.
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