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Originally Posted by hamish5178 View Post
53x18 is in the high 70's gear-inch wise. Low 70's is what most people prefer (at least those that aren't trying to sound cool on the internet).

What sort of bike do you have? Why is your chain-ring so large? Conversion?

I'm proud to say I've never walked up a hill, but that's because

A. Getting off the bike is as much of a PITA as riding up the hill is.

B. If I know I can't climb something in my current condition (drunk/asleep/tired) I take a flatter route.

I'd recommend getting a 46t chainring, and also htfu. Congrats on beginning to lose weight!
It was a really cheap conversion. It is a late 80's Raleigh Capri.

I guess I'll just keep riding until I can make it.
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