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Originally Posted by dsprehe89 View Post
I want to, but I love the feeling of being able to just cruse comfortably at 20+mph on the flats.
Do you think you can have a comfortable gear for hill climbing and a comfortable gear for cruising the flats? Seriously. You know that's not how it works, right?

Since you won't change the machine (by changing the gear) then you will have to change the engine...either by getting strong enough to climb on a large gear or by learning to spin a smaller gear on the flats.

My suggestion would be to put on a feasible climbing gear and learn to spin at a higher cadence.

You asked for help...well we've offered it. Now it's up to you to listen to it. There have been lots of threads lately of people asking for help then getting PO'd because the consensus is something that they don't want to do. Are you going to be like that?
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