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Originally Posted by Jim from Boston View Post
FYA, I found this post from 2013:
Originally Posted by rholland1951 View Post
Only had an hour to ride today. Tried something new, extending a recent ride out the Mystic Valley Parkway to South Border Road in Winchester with a return on Governor's Avenue, High Street, and River Street in Medford. some new insights into Medford, a city I've lived next to for decades, but never much explored. :

This ride feels like a keeper, with a lot of variety packed into an hour, a less homogeneous alternative to my standard 10-mile Minuteman thing. It may also be the beginning of more rides that go East, rather than West.
To further tweak rholland1951 's desire for exploration beyond the confines of the known MetroWest of this Thread, I once posted:
Originally Posted by Jim from Boston View Post
Hello, Metrowestopolitans.

This weekend, I rode my bike to the mysterious and fabled MetroEast to a city that the natives call Hull, meaning the frame of a large boat (bigger than a canoe). The wonders that I saw, unbeholden by so many Metrowesterners!

Ocean views:

Beach Houses:

Hon ky-tonk:

Im planning to go back and establish a trade route from West to East. Well send BMWs, brie, and chardonnay in exchange for dune buggies, hot dogs, and cotton candy.

There are fortunes to be made I tell you.
Originally Posted by jimmuller View Post
Ooh, are you looking for investors? I've heard there might be a market for tea.

I've been to Hull, played music there but never ridden a bike either there or to there. I'd be afraid I'd end up in the water ...

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