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Originally Posted by Seattle Forrest View Post
I don't think we'll ever have electronic braking (but I've been wrong before). With Di2, if you forget to charge the battery, or something else goes wrong, you have a single speed until you sort it out. With electronic brakes, you have a lot of broken ribs and missing teeth.
I don't know. The transportation industry did away with previous "mechanical systems" for electronic systems. The key is making those sensors feel and act like springs, cables, etc. Another person and I were having a discussion(in C &V of all places) about doing away with brake/shift levers and replacing them with pressure sensors located in the handlebars. Something like a pressure strip running the length of the bar on each side. Then he said we might as well go straight to helmets with HUD controls. Who knows what the future holds. As for me, I like the cabled look. It provides a way to add some color to all of those black frames and components.
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