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Originally Posted by seypat View Post
Iwe might as well go straight to helmets with HUD controls. Who knows what the future holds.
Not sure how this ties in with brakes & shifting but I had a dream the other day, after pondering cyclo-computers. In maybe 1950s SCIFI movies, not sure if that was just one series, like Star Trek something, you had these intro titles that started at the screen bottom and moved up in a fan shape, telling the story of the previous chapter happenings... Imagine some holographic or laser projection into the space in front of your cockpit (a kind of HUD), say one or two or even three feet forward of your handlebars and a foot wide, on which the data that you computer supplies and more would be projected. It would be transparent (and the data transparency could be set to suit you) so you would still see your front wheel through it.

Besides data about your ride, it would also show the traffic around you - in the future I speak about, every vehicle and every person would be chipped, autonomous cars then would not need optical systems, like laser beams scanning, because every car would know where other cars and people are in certain radius, no matter if hidden behind curves or objects/buildings or whatever, I believe autonomous cars will only be practical reality when everybody and everything will be chipped. BTW I am not a friend of chipping under the governments we have, but we can surely do better, sooner or later, and then this chipping would not be of any concern. The current antagonistic setup of people vs their governments is just a sign of primitive times we live in and will be a history in the future I have in mind.

In bike races, it would show other riders as colored dots, with your team mates being different color, so you would always know the position of all them in the peloton. In zoomed out view, you would see bigger area road map with rider dots on it, so you would see who fell a mile behind as well as who escaped the peloton, You might even specify before race which riders not on your team you want displayed in specific color, so you can track their position easily.

With all that said, I know about that discussion in pro racing concerning current walkie-talkies and the resistance to the trend, just saying what the future likely will bring, whether we like it or not. And maybe only the young ones might live it, it won't happen tomorrow but probably sooner enough than one might think.

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