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Tell us about your covid illness...

So after reading a few threads here I am sickened by all the armchair crap being spilled onto the pages. I have only seen one or two threads about having actual covid so I decided to start one after FINALLY getting my results back today. I want to hear from us who have had the illness and what you experienced. If you haven't had it, don't post. If you didn't immediately care for some one in the house you live in, don't post. If it is your opinion, don't post. Finally if it is a political thought. DON'T POST.

Yes I have been tested as SARS-Cov2 positive. My wife was tested but we haven't seen her results yet. I'm going with positive since we live together ;-)
She started feeling bad on a Thursday and having a low fever. Over the next few days her fever would spike and go down (99-102) I got a sore throat the Sunday after that Thursday and started my saline nasal flush and gargling with salt water. I work from home so I worked that Monday but went right to bed as soon as possible, Tuesday I worked in the morning for about 3 hours. Then I passed out onto the floor at my desk and had to lie there sweating away till I could gather the strength to get down the stairs to bed. The next four days were nothing but a blur of sleep with Nyquil, Tylenol, 7-up and toast as sustenance. During that time it was all we could do to walk to the bathroom ( 10ft away) and back. That Saturday and Sunday I was feeling better and able to eat. My wife wasn't however. It would take her another 7-10 days before her appetite would come back and she could stand longer than 2 minutes. While we were sick I kept an eye on our pulse ox stats and I never got lower than 95% with my normal being 97-98%. My wife fared a little worse with hers getting down to 93% and her normal is 98%. While I was concerned about our lungs I gotta say I haven't felt body aches like that ever... My kidneys and lower back felt like Mike Tyson (young people can look him up) had used them for 3 rounds of practice. Everything was sore... And tired. I have been lazy but having to rest from a walk to the bathroom is disconcerting. This wasn't a "let me sit for a minute" rest. This was a "Thank God I made it back to the bed so I can sleep for 5 hours" rest after a restroom brake.

So after getting sick on Sunday I managed to call the Doc and arrange for testing on Thursday. At the time I talked to the doc on Thursday afternoon I still had a sense of smell and taste, That evening after the test I couldn't smell anything nor could I taste it. Unfortunately, you have to keep eating whether you taste it or not and a world without taste is not something I want. My smell and taste have improved but my taste is still bad with most things still tasting oversalted. I managed to go back to home office work that following Monday. I would not have done that without working from home. The wife took a week longer to come around and still tires easily after 5-10 minutes of exertion. She still has body aches but hopefully those will dissipate shortly. Overall I was down for 6 days and the wife was down for 15-16 days. And we are still taking it easy.

Essentially we were blessed as it really only hit us like the worst flu we have ever had. On this side it isn't so bad, going through it sucks, and before you get it you can be eaten up with fear from all the media out there reporting the worst. But put your trust in God, not men, and let him handle it. It took us 11 days to get our results back. Guess what though. To manage exposure correctly we have to be tested again. and possibly again.

I have opinions on everything else going on but I don't want this thread to be that. If you have or have had SARS-Cov2, I just want to know what you experienced during the illness.

PS: I have been asked a few details which is why I wanted to post this.
1) Did we take our own pulse ox at home? Yes with one of those finger meters, good or bad it can't be that far off and we have used for a few good many years.
2) What is our age bracket? I am now 51 and better 1/2 is north of 65. I have diabetes and she has sleep apnea and asthma and allergy breathing issues.
3) Where do we think we got it? We have no idea. We socially distance. She would wear a mask, I would be the one to go out and do most everything at the store if needed but we didn't go anywhere to eat out I would not stop during the trip, even for a bathroom break. The location we went to the weekend before was a family gathering and no one has been reported as being sick. And we aren't particularly huggy feely people so no hugs there except for my mom and her parents (both doing fine BTW). But that brings me to a point I really want to make. Just because you socially distance, and wear a mask and only had 8 people at your party doesn't mean you wont get it. Those are helpful guidelines, not rules that viruses obey. Ultimately it only takes one little whif, snif, sneeze, or touch to get it (or some other way we will learn about 3 years from now.)

Hope that helps with a little more detail.
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