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Originally Posted by cango View Post
Not sure if you are making fun of me or not but thats ok . My post seems to have drawn the ire of many. Oh well as they say.

I understand the lack of compatibility between brands, brake pull, etc... but that being said I have seen brifters on flat bar bikes. I have also seen mountain style brake levers on the flat portion of road bars in addition to the brifters. How they got this to work, I don't know.

I saw a video recently on Youtube where a bike mechanic explained that very thing - people want to turn their road bikes into gravel bikes but they can't because there is not enough room to fit the tires. There is just no room for anything but the skinny road racing tires.

I thought thats kind of dumb as well, it limits the versatility of the bike. I have an old Trek 750 Multitrack and it as 32mm tires but can take all the way up to something like 45 or something crazy. It has tons of room.
If a road bike won't take a wide tire then it's probably a dedicated road bike not designed for much more than fast riding on paved surfaces. It's like complaining because you can't put SUV tires on your Ferarri or Lambourghini.

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