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Originally Posted by Seattle Forrest View Post
Mostly she says she felt very run down, sore and achy, fatigued, like she had just run a marathon.
On a Sunday, months ago, I got the runs really bad. The next morning I woke up totally fatigued and feeling like someone had beaten my entire body with a baseball bat. I have a small house. Walking to the computer room in back and downstairs to feed the cat was a struggle energy-wise. Also had chills, but my thermometer was in my office so I donít know if I had a fever. Emailed my PCP, who told me to presume I was positive and act accordingly. By Friday I was back to probably 70%. Took maybe another 4 days to get back to 100%. Never had any respiratory symptoms. But I know I had something because TheraFlu made me feel somewhat better. Was also a good excuse to exhaust my supply of NyQuil PM. 😀
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