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Originally Posted by Juan Foote View Post
We are 98% certain that we had it, as a household, in Nov/Dec. Everyone we came in contact with over the Thanksgiving holiday also got sick. At that point the doctor didn't know what it was, or wasn't saying.

My wife had double pneumonia, twice, and breathing difficulties of a level that they put her on steroids and inhalers as well as antibiotics to stave off the pneumonia portion. We were both very feverous, very sore, no appetite, took energy to even lay around, just VERY miserable. Our son brought it home from work and even in spite of the wife's health issues he seemed to stay the sickest, longest. We all had a lot of chest congestion, coughing sneezing, but his carried on for months. Even now he still has a chest rattle 8 months later.
We have specifically asked our GP, my wife has been to a dozen doctors since then and none of them WILL perform a test for anything. Our GP claims he doesn't have them to administer and the others just don't seem to care.
Originally Posted by indyfabz View Post
On a Sunday, months ago, I got the runs really bad. The next morning I woke up totally fatigued and feeling like someone had beaten my entire body with a baseball bat. I have a small house. Walking to the computer room in back and downstairs to feed the cat was a struggle energy-wise. Also had chills, but my thermometer was in my office so I donít know if I had a fever. Emailed my PCP, who told me to presume I was positive and act accordingly. By Friday I was back to probably 70%. Took maybe another 4 days to get back to 100%. Never had any respiratory symptoms. But I know I had something because TheraFlu made me feel somewhat better. Was also a good excuse to exhaust my supply of NyQuil PM. 😀
There was a regular Flu going around back in Jan/Feb. Flu shots were available. You may not have had COVID. I had a co-worker that was sick for around 2 weeks, and then took even longer before her cough cleared. Other workers kept telling her to stay home. This was in early Feb. The tales of COVID were just coming out.

Ultimately she said she was tested, and did not have it.

At the same work site, now, many months later... a few folks do have COVID. Nobody knows how, mask protocol and questioner before entry.

I have been WFM since March 13... so not exposed to that environment at all.

Sorry OP to "crash" the thread, but I just wondered if the two above just had the regular flu.
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