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Originally Posted by HD3andMe View Post
Thanks for correcting your erroneous "SRAM's market share is "fairly small." bit.

To learn more about how SRAM has taken away significant market share from Shimano, you should study how SRAM was first to market with 1x in the MTB segment and has been eating Shimano's lunch on OEM specs (which helps drive significant repeat business, further strengthening market share).
You seem to be really quick to declare victory where it isn’t justified. SRAMs market share is 35% but they have a suspension division that is a very large part of the market share. Shimano owns half the market and doesn’t have a suspension division (thank goodness) so their market share of the component market is much, much larger. SRAM has cut into the component market but Shimano isn’t going to be on the ropes anytime soon. Assuming that half to two thirds of SRAM’s market share is suspension related, that leave 15 to 20% of the component market...giving Shimano 80 to 85% of the component market. And even that portion of the component market is mostly on the mountain bike side. SRAM’s portion of the road component market is diminishingly small.

Originally Posted by HD3andMe View Post
Nowhere in the AXS link is a battery or software upgrade mentioned. Because you don't need a compatible battery or a software upgrade to make it work, as you claim.

Here is the AXS link so you can read it:https://blog.3t.bike/2019/09/12028/g...s-drivetrains/

Again " they're only compatible with a lot of tinkering and the use of a special battery and a software change." is false.
You seem to be confusing two articles. The one that talks about Shimano clearly says

XTR Di2 Firmware Updates

Before you can think about mixing Shimano’s XTR Di2 MTB derailleurs with the company’s mechanical brake or hydraulic brake road Di2 shifters, some firmware needs to be updated using Shimano’s eTube software. Namely the battery, SM-BTR1 for external or SM-BTR2 for internal; they need to be on Version 3.0.10 – at the time of this article.


Known Incompatibilities
  • Road Di2 derailleurs and XTR Di2 derailleurs cannot be mixed and matched. For example, you cannot use a Di2 road front derailleur in conjunction an XTR Di2 rear derailleur – Shimano blocks this with the system firmware. Some people will claim it can be done, but we’ve yet to see a working example.
The blog.3t.bike link only mentioned Shimano in passing and not in very glowing terms.

but until now that meant mechanical shifting or a cobbled-together Di2 setup mixing road and MTB parts that Shimano doesn’t want you to mix. So every firmware update is a potential game-over for your shifting.
It might be easier with SRAM...good for them...but that has no bearing on what Shimano does.

And, by the way, just because you can show that one part of Shimano’s electronic systems force road and mountain systems to work together (barely), what about the rest of the Shimano line? Are you saying that just because one system works, the others will too? I’d love it if it were true but it’s not. Electronic shifting is an outlier that really proves nothing.
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