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I had Covid and if I were to give details it would be a wall of text so here are the Cliff notes, I got it from a religious event on March 14 and I've been suffering from it since. From mid March to mid June I was in and out of the ER always being sent home as I was told there was nothing they could do for me. Many days I didn't think I was going to live with everyday being different, just when I thought I was getting better I'd regress. During that time the worst issues were the struggle to breath and constant massive chest pains. Typically when I give details about how bad I was I get the feeling people think I'm exaggerating. For over 2 months the only reason I got out of bed was to go to the ER or the bathroom.

I'm 44 years old and I've been a bike commuter for 7 years and a roadie for about 4 years. I'm 6' tall and about 170 lbs. I've never done a FTP test but I do have a power meter and prior to Covid Strava estimates fluctuated right around 3.5 W/kg (which obviously I think was low). Even though I'm still having issues breathing, constant chest pain and against my doctors advice to not exercise I have ridden a few times. In mid June I wanted to know how far my power so I went on an ride and tried for an hour at 100%. I was only able to manage 1.9 W/kg (edited for bad math) over 50 minutes and I feel it was only that high because of leg muscles as I had to keep my cadence below 60rpm or I'd lose my breath. During this ride my heart rate was almost 20 bpm higher than I'd ever seen before. This effort was probably a bad idea as I was unable to get out of bed for 5 days after. I've done a few other rides since but they have been very slow and under 12 miles.

I'm desperate to find out if I'm ever going to recover but the cardiologist and pulmonologist I've seen say there just don't know as the illness is still new. Because of the tests I had done during the times I was at the ER the doctors now don't want to do any more test to see how my lungs are now because they don't want to add to the radiation I've already had.
My SpO2 numbers from my doctors visit prior to Covid where all 99%, During the doctors visits March to May it ranged from 90 to 96. During my visit to the pulmonologist last week I was 96% when I got there but they had me walk around with the meter for 6 minutes and it lowered to 94%

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