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I came down with a high fever and fatigue, cough, on 2/1. I felt like I got hit by a truck. I soldiered through the tail end of the vacation the next day, flew home and tested negative for the flu. Doc shrugged and sent me home. I tried to ride the trainer, lasted a minute and took a week off. Started riding again. Recovery rides saw my HR in the 160s. As time passed I''d ride at like 225 watts and avg 160 and be wrecked. I developed the covid toes, which were obviously not a symptom at the time as no one even was saying covid was here. They were painful, purple, swollen. Even as I recovered my HRs were off the charts for me. In january right before my vacation where I got sick I did a 20 minute interval

20 - avg 320, Avg HR 160, Max HR 171

Recovering from this being sick, a few months in I did

20 - avg 280, Avg HR 172, Max HR 183

I've only seen HRs that high sprinting at the end of a hard race.

I'm still missing 25-30 watts across any zone. Nothing I've done has brought them back.
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