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Originally Posted by HD3andMe View Post
Again, thanks for continuing to correct your erroneous "SRAM's market share is "fairly small." bit.
15% of the component market is small by anyoneís measure.

[Nope, I pointed him to the AXS link, he read the Shimano link (which you're now quoting too - please pay attention), and I pointed him once again to the AXS link.

It's right there in black and white, if you care to spend the time to actually read the article. No battery or software changes needed for AXS to mix road/gravel/mtb.
Miele man quoted you and he was clearly talking about the CX magazine article which is about using Shimano parts. Directing him to another article on a different system doesnít negate what the CX magazine article said. For Shimano, a battery and software change is needed. It doesnít matter to the discussion of the Shimano system if SRAM system works together better.

You're moving the goal posts.
Just moving them back to where they were before you shot them into space.

Here is your false claim that I replied to:

"modern mountain and road shift and brake levers arenít compatible with the drivetrain and brake components."

To summarize:

A modern Shimano mountain and road shift systems and brake levers can be made compatible with the drivetrain and brake components with a lot of extra work and probably extra parts.
Let me fix that for you. Iíve admitted to being wrong about SRAM. But Shimano road and mountain systems donít work together with one esoteric exception that may fall apart at the next software upgrade. Cable actuated Shimano systems are incompatible between the different disciplines. And, as most people are going to be dealing with cable system, that is most relevant to the discussion.
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