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Originally Posted by Ghazmh View Post
This morning I rolled out at 0530 for 22 miles with the mercury hovering at 27*. For the first time this season I rocked the BarMitts. I hated covering up my fairly new and pretty Silca black and orange bar tape but the temperature justified it. My boots, goggles and baselayers ensured the rest of me was warm enough. Not too far nor very fast, no Strava segments were challenged today but it beat not riding. I signed up for Ride Sprinter Vans first snowfall ride which may be this Sunday night. Ride Studio Cafe is now Ride Sprinter Van
Mr. Google is playing it close to the vest with the URL for Ride Sprinter Van (probably just too much high-frequency interference from "Sprinter Van"). Please, sir, could we have a URL?


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