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Originally Posted by jfranci3 View Post
basic outside. Trying to figure out size relative to the Post Carry and if it’ll fit a Trek Checkpoint SL with the seat mast
Not sure the measurements would help with that.

The seat mast will likely be a problem. I would suggest you contact Orucase and ask them specifically about your frame - They’ll know, they are active racers and developed theses bags specifically to handle their race bikes.

When I measure from the bottom of the bag internally to the top of the bag where I estimate the seat post top would be, it’s about 25-26”. You can remove the crank easily which would give you a few more inches so if you measure from the bottom of the bottom bracket to the top of the seat mast, that should give you some idea.

The problem is that you kind of rotate the frame around the bottom bracket to get the head tube to fit in the bag which would push the seat tube up. I lay the fork over that area in the pocket that is there for it, but you could also lay that under the down tube. Anyhow, it’s kind of a three dimensional problem so that’s why I recommend you talk to the guys at Orucase. They are quite knowledgeable and helpful. Too, the B2 might work just as well.

There is very little perceived difference between the large and the medium even when they are side by side. I had to mark them so I could tell them apart. I fit my 58cm gravel bikes in the large. My wife’s goes in the medium for her 54cm frame.

Love the bags though. Never had to pay an airline fee with them even though they are probably 5” over the airline spec and we’ve flown with them quite a bit both domestically and internationally.

Now that a number of airlines don’t charge for bikes anymore, I still wouldn’t want one of those big bike boxes. It’s a giant pain to transport them at your destination. With the Airport Ninja, we move through the airport easily and unlike traditional bike cases, they fit with no fuss in busses and even taxis. Hotels will store them without complaint in their left baggage area. Most of the traditional bike boxes would not have worked in the European hotels we’ve stayed in.

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