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Originally Posted by topflightpro View Post
Trying to use my wife's Kickr for sprint intervals. It's not going terribly well. I'm adjusting resistance manually, but I cannot seem to hit the sweet spot for how much resistance I need. Basically, if I set the resistance to high, I struggle to get it going and launch my effort. But if I set it too low, after about 10s, inertia takes over; my cadence keeps climbing but my power just slowly drops. I think I may go back to the fluid trainer for everything but starts.

I'm also quite surprised by the different power numbers I'm seeing on the Wahoo app and from my SRM.
Kickr? Slope mode? It should act like a fluid trainer. You could change gears like you would wind up a real sprint.

I've never tried it, I've only done sprint stuff on the sprint banners in Zwift.
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