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As is often the case... it depends.

First, some wheels are very tire sensitive (old iO, H3, pre firecrest 808's...etc are good examples) and that should be the first thing driving pairing. (applies for road or track)
Second is picking a tire with a latex tube (not continentals unless you get the pros stuff)
Third is picking the tire for the specific track. A piste Dugast or Pista speed Vittoria are fast tires, but you don't want to run them on a lumpy outdoor track (you might run them for nationals+ timed events on such a track, but definitely not a consistent tire)
You also want a tire you can get "optimal" pressure on. That's pretty high vs. a road tubular, even on a rough track. (Probably nicest road vs. roughest track in the USA my tubular pressure would be 30'ish+ lbs higher)

One of the issues with wider tires for track is availability. 23 is pretty much the widest tire that's going to be "track specific" and once you go into road tires, even the fastest ones are going to be more robust (more protection, a little slower) than the top end track tires. And of course although it's not always true, in general "low yaw" scenario's.... narrow is aero.
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