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Originally Posted by taras0000 View Post
One of the fastest tested front wheels for a track set-up is the old Gippieme 16 spoke aluminum deep dish with a 19mm tire. That's on a wooden track with a high pressure. I can't remember who did the actual test, but it was a close second to a Zipp 808 set-up. That Gippieme is probably one of the narrowest wheels you can find now, with everything having gone wider, toroidal, bulged, etc., so that really says something about being able to cut down your frontal area on tracks that have a smooth surface that already sorts the rolling resistance issue for you.
Yeah, that Gippieme wheel is nice. Similar to the old Campy Shamal and Atlanta 96 wheels.

The wide trend has definitely come to the track and I'm not convinced that it's faster. I think it's more marketing and "keeping up with the Jones'" because they have to. Customers are convinced that it's faster and won't buy non-wide wheels or tires.
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