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Originally Posted by aliasfox View Post
I have trouble with cadences outside of 65-80 (rough estimate). Spinning at or above 90rpm for even a short amount of time has always gotten me winded.
One of the biggest gains in performance I had this year was training for higher cadence. I used to have an average cadence of 80 rpm and has now gone up to 110 rpm.

Perhaps, it's easier for me to spin extra high cadence because of my petite build and little weight but apparently, even pros who weigh a lot more and bigger than me can also spin comfortably at 110 rpm. I'm still training to increase my cadence further. Just looking if I can still improve efficiency beyond 110 rpm. Take it up to 120 or even 130 rpm, observe for a few months if that improves my average speeds on long rides. So far, 110 rpm is currently giving me the best average speeds on long rides.

Your bike fit would actually start to feel different as you get used to higher cadences so you may need to re-visit your bike fit as well.
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