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So, did 28 miles yesterday, including three laps of Central Park. Didn't have anyone going my pace, so can't comment on that, but have a few other observations:

- I apparently pedal faster in real life than on my mag trainer. The 70-75rpm estimate was based off of that this winter, but I was pretty close to 80rpm most of the time in the real world
- I laid off the gas going uphill (not gasping for breath at the top) for my first two laps, and tried getting on the gas a little earlier/harder after I crested. This resulted in some of the slowest lap times I've recorded this year
- I don't like soft pedaling on the hills
- Went hard on the climbs on my last lap, which actually turned out to be my best one of the day

Don't have a power meter, but using Bike Calculator on segments with consistent grades, I see similar results to eduskator - an estimated 170-180w steady-state performance, and ~300w on hills, depending on pitch and duration. I guess I just assumed everyone else picks up 50-100% wattage when the road goes up. I guess not!
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