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Originally Posted by RChung View Post
The relationship between cadence and metabolic efficiency has been studied quite a lot. Here are a couple that use "well-trained" cyclists as the subjects.
thanks for this! really interesting stuff which will promote a bunch of re-reading. LOL!
they bring more questions... not in the focus of these studies...
but that's all beyond this OP/topic.
... but I will throw out on question regarding method in Leirdal - Ettema. 2 sessions, #1 was an incremental to exhaustion (see study) and #2 was 8 5min segments at 80% VO2 (75% actual).
, since the base comparison is from FCC, neither of these methods are showing Gross Work done (VO2 is not directly 'work'). and the 8 segments of 5 min method is not fully explained, and I'm not seeing a separation of data from the 2 methods...
anyway... I'll spend more time reviewing Stig Leirdal - Ettema
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