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Originally Posted by RobbieTunes View Post
Pretty sure they'll be able to.
As long as they're in for the margaritas....or at least be there....
My hotel is in Burkeburnette?
Reason for today's 100....virtual Tour de Corn.
Believe it or not, Red Draw is a very popular drink in that area. I've told the story about going to the Rodeo Clown Saloon when the group I was with wanted to drink Red Draws. WF is where the drink was invented, at least the Texas version. The Bar L Drive Inn is a good representation of the culture in that area. A WF landmark. It can be a rough joint at times as can most in that area. You're probably not going to get shot there, but might get knifed if things get out of hand. They can get out of hand quickly. They have good food, or did when I lived there.



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