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The old Superbe is such a nicely equipped bike and am thinking that if Raleigh had re-introduced the bike as it was (instead of the new hybrid like model) with a few nice upgrades to the brakes and rims it would still be a great seller and would be a competitor to the Pashley roadster.

I have never had a problem selling these bikes through the co-op or through my shop as they are still very popular and everyone seems to know someone that had one and since we have regular tweed rides I now have a vintage geared Raleigh to ride.

My best friend rides a 1980 Raleigh Sports (ladies model) that I picked up NOS... she just loves it.

And because the tinkering never stops, I just swapped out the 18 tooth driver for a shiny new 20 tooth( and put on a new chain) to give me a 49/65/87 gearing instead of the 54/73/97... I can't mash a gear this high anymore and sometimes don't have the full use of my left leg so have to spin like a gerbil on crack.

Increasing the wheel and tyre size requires one to adjust the drive as a bigger wheel equals a taller gearing... the stock gearing on these old bikes was designed for low rpm efforts which are easier when you are sitting upright as you utilize your glutes more.

Most can benefit from the installation of a bigger driver to reduce the overall gearing and allow for easier pedalling and a better hill climbing gear.

It is almost obligatory to take pictures of old English bikes here.

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