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Originally Posted by atnyc View Post
It's a simple question. Does or does not auto insurance cover racks?

Seems people are more interested in prying into the detail of an accident. Perhaps for entertainment value?

If it were my accident, I would NEVER post any detail on a public forum. It can come back to haunt you!
It may be a simple question, but you have already received the answer. No one here can tell you definitively, you need to ask your insurance agent regarding your insurance. If someone else hit you, it would be covered by their insurance. This, BTW is why some wanted the details of the accident, to better answer your question.

This is one example of why an agent is often just as important, or more important than your insurance company itself. A good agent will help you through this process, and help you get your rack replaced through the insurance of the person at fault.

I hope you get this resolved to your satisfaction. If someone hit my car and rack, I would want their insurance to cover the rack as well. It was, after all, their fault. If it is your own fault, only your agent can answer the question. Good luck!
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