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Originally Posted by DMC707 View Post
Truth. Depends on the rack and how it was attached. If its a pretty simple one held to a hatchback or something with straps -- likely not as was said, -- but if it is bolted or more firmly attached (like a roof rack or similar contrivance ) - then it should be deemed part of the car. In auto claims , things like pickup bed covers, step rails, etc. are considered part of the car and accounted for in a total loss settlement, so why not a roof rack? - But some things do vary from company to company and policy to policy --- or adjuster to adjuster.

Instead of arguing with you about a $200 Saris Bones rack, i might just pay it with the auto claim anyway, even if technically its looked at as a Homeowners or renters personal property item

im a 22 year claims adjuster and questions like these are why i am thankful i dont work auto claims (but i have just enough experience with them to know that i hate them )
Thank you very much. That's the best and most relevant answer I was hoping for. Not necessarily a definitive yes or no, but a clear explanation of what goes into the consideration.

It goes without saying you being an insurance adjuster, you're in the position to clarify such things. Again, thanks
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