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Originally Posted by Bald Paul View Post
Precisely why USB-C is becoming the new standard. Or, rather, the standard, since there didn't seem to be one previously. Even if they were embossed 'correctly', the unit they were plugging in to wasn't necessarily marked. The dots work.
Would have been a godsend when I used to work the trading floors on Wall St. Though sometimes you did not have the opportunity to see what, or where you were working so it was all done by feel. Think rats nest under a desk with upwards to a half dozen PC's each with at minimum 2 monitors, or a server rack in an IDF closet at the end of the hall that has a waterfall of multicolored wiring. Not just talking USB but RS-232, Ethernet, fiber, video, etc. Got good enough that I could tell what connector I had in my hand without even looking at it.
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