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please no more flats
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Originally Posted by rm -rf View Post
Garmin 1030 recordings.
Last week, a ride was 1:46 ride time, 2:06 total time.
The power curve showed 2:06.

In Golden Cheetah, the line extends to 2:06 also. Looks like stopped times are factored in, which makes sense.

That's why my over 1 hour chart line is so low. Rides have at least some stopped time, and downhill coasting too. An interesting experiment would be to do a 2 hour flat ride, trying for a consistent pace with no coasting. Those kind of routes are very hard to find around here, though. A flatland 4-sides-of-a-square repeated loop would be annoying! I want a destination, and stuff to see along the way.
i hear you! my favorite routes have sometimes become favorites because they have almost no stopping. i think i've managed 2 hours without a single stop, taking some liberties with unoccupied four-way-stop intersections. most of my rides in the 1-3 hour range end up with perhaps 5 minutes of stops max, which doesn't skew the curve much.
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