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Originally Posted by GhostRider62 View Post
You can have friends and family meet you at controls. Outside controls.....verboten.

I have never had support but if I can get these old bone orthopedic issues mitigated, it sure would be nice to have someone get you some food.

The first control is 220 km, 309km (I forget Tinteniac)....and Loudeac at 449 k. The distances are bold and audacious.

There are multiple objectives on PBP. It was originally a professional race and in fact, it was one of the first professional bike races. The French riders and fans see the lead riders differently than the rest. To them, it is almost like a race but a cooperative one. For regular randos, the observers and fans have a different fascination. A different respect. It is hard to put into words but they understand and appreciate your struggle. Why else do you have elderly ladies at 3 am softly cheering, "Bravo" from the shadows of the night. I almost cry thinking of such memories.
The roadside support is also amazing at PBP and one of my favourite memories of it too! I guess it's neutral support in a sense.

I gotta chuckle anytime I hear about people being against the support that is clearly allowed by the rules, like they know randonneuring better or something.
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