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Originally Posted by surak View Post
I'm considering swapping out the 32mm GP5Ks with 35mm Pirelli Cinturatos for my rain bike. Is going that wide overkill? I think that the bike in question has tire clearance for them, since there's more of a gap between the fenders and the GP5Ks than what would please my aesthetically.

Besides looks, I'm after better safety, like better grip and braking in wet conditions. As I posted earlier in the thread, the GP5Ks were easy to seat on my Hunt alloy wheels but lose a lot of air overnight and won't stay bead-locked when at low pressure. Schwalbe Pro Ones (first gen, 25mm) that I have on the DT Swiss rims of a different bike have no such air loss issues, but one did require a blast of CO2 to seat. The rear Pro One finally got a puncture that I noticed. It sealed on its own but has me thinking of the eventuality that I'll move the GP5Ks over when the Pro Ones wear out, with the hope that the tire-rim combo retains air better than on the Hunts.
I think the 32 mm Cinturatos are plenty wide enough for any road riding conditions. My local roads are terrible and these easily cope. They are amazing in the wet too and almost bombproof. I think this is right up there as a contender for best winter tubeless tyre on the market.
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