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So my contract before the corporate buy-out stated that I got 4 weeks of vacation time after 10yr of employment with the old company, which was a benchmark that I achieved before the corp stepped in.

But. The max annual vacation allotment with the corp is 3 weeks. I had to wrangle with them a bit when they took over my contract. In the end, they agreed to keep me at 4 weeks vacation. Cool. I get one more week vacation than most people in the corp.

Then. When I wanted to explore the 3 day work week, my regional VP looked into my contract and stated that the wording of my contract was such that I could go to 3 days a week, still be considered full time and all my benefits would remain the same.

I assumed that meant that I'd still get 4 weeks of vacation. With a 4 day work week that was 16 days, and with a 3 day work week it would become 12 days.

Nope. Thats not how it works. A full time employee accrues vacation hours at a certain number per pay period. It doesn't matter if you work 3 or 4 or 5 days, you still accrue the same number of vacation hours per week.

Which means I have the same number of total hours of vacation days per week. Previously that was equivalent to 4 weeks, but now it is equivalent to 5 weeks.

So: In September, I will move to a 3 day work week, same benefits, same base salary, and an extra week of vacation.

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