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Originally Posted by Relik View Post
thanks for that advice and the video. that was pretty cool
​​​​​​. i never thought i would see an example of that actually working. but how did he get such a jump? the element of surprise i suppose. i guess most times the stronger rider jumps on the wheel of the first rider and enjoys the draft. but if it's the only shot i got then it's the one i take.
If the opponent of which you speak is a "pure sprinter" with high % of fast twitch fibers, the other option is to lead from the front and slowly but consistently accelerate, but don't outright jump out of the saddle. This will fool many inexperienced sprinters and lull them into accelerating past a speed where they can make a powerful jump while slowly burn their "matches" (using anaerobic power).

It may sound weird that way, but a similar dynamic is what is in play when "pure sprinters" are dropped in mass start races. Sure, a local/regional sprinter can instantaneously hit over 70kph/43mph but can he hold 60kph/37mph for 2 laps?

That tactic has worked against me by a pro roadie. I qualified faster than him and was capable of more power and top speed. From the jump he took off and I followed in his draft with plans of making an easy pass later on the home straight. But, he kept mildly accelerating in the saddle past the point where I could add anything by making a hard jump out of the saddle. I stood up and had to sit right back down. He won.
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