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Originally Posted by Stebo81 View Post
I'm looking for a new case as well for an up coming trip from Sydney to Melbourne. I know what case i could not use ever again and that is the soft case from scicon - scicon aerocomfort.
I took my pride and joy over to Munich last year and returned home with a cracked carbon frame, broken front derailleur and 2 months of going through the insurance claims.
The scicon appealed to me initially because of the convenience. All i had to do to pack the bike from take the wheels off and place them in the side pockets. But convenience comes at a price.

Hard cases all the way from now on. Thanks for the recommendations in this thread it really helped me choose my next case.
Hard cases are no foolproof protection or even more protection. With the power equipment used to transfer luggage, if it gets caught it will just as quickly lead to a
damaged bike. Bike manufacturers ship thousands upon thousands of bikes in nothing more than cardboard boxes.

With what the large hard cases cost to ship, doesnít take long to pay for a bike on most airlines either.

Solid heavy duty dropout protectors are key. As are cases where the forces are distributed. The more compact the case the less likely to get jammed in the luggage transport system. The more disassembled the bike is the better protected it will be.

Check our Orucase Airport Ninja.

Alao have your own quality insurance and donít depend on the airlines.

Generally airlines get it right. Itís far better now than it was even 10 years ago.

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