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Originally Posted by Velo Vol View Post
Why must everything be so difficult? Discuss.
For example, mowing--should be simple, right?

Yesterday I did the tough effort phases (push mowing, weedeating) first and got roasted by the pre-winter sun. I don't care what the thermometer says, 10 a.m. - 1p.m. is the hottest part of the day. There were clouds overhead but weirdly none of them ever seemed to cover the sun.

So when I get on the tractor, then it decides to cloud over. Half way through a thunderstorm hits. It has to rain sometime, so that's fine. But being a rational person, I want to finish all the mowing in one session. I went under cover for a quick snooze while I waited for the storm to pass.

Wake up 45 minutes later and the storm entered a zombie phase. There continued to be rumbles of thunder, annoying light rain, even as there were substantial patches of blue sky not far from overhead. It literally rained another 15-20 minutes after the sun came out.

tl;dr yesterday the weather conspired to make Velo Vol's mowing difficult.
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People here don't get it.
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