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Artistic bike

Originally Posted by bedtime View Post
For those that don't know what artistic cycling is, here is a video:

About a month ago, I discovered the sport and was drawn to it. I like its grace, gymnastic-like moves (called figures), and ability to be done anywhere there is some flat ground. I also love the sleek and simplistic look of the bike.

Here is what a typical artistic cycling bike looks like. Note the extremely steep head tube angle, the 3 bolt reinforced seat post, the curved seat, the road cycle type handlebars, which are balanced, the 1/3 size pegs, and the tires that are very close to each other. This bike is the biggest example of twitchy I've ever seen:

As far as I know, only two companies in the world make them—one in is located in Germany, and I'm thinking the other is Germany or a neighboring country, as the sport is only really done in Europe (and a small part of Asia). The bikes typically run for about $2500 USD., which is well beyond my means.

I built the monstrosity below to be able to do some of the same tricks. The bike is a 2013 BMX Diamondback Grind 20". The brake is there only to avoid the $480 'no brakes' fine. I replaced the freewheel cog with a fixie cog and had it welded in place.

The 45 degree stem will be replaced with an adjustable stem riser that is able to go straight up (90 deg.), thus keeping the handlebars more vertically in line with the tire, as an artistic cycling bike should be. The new stem (which is currently being shipped to me) is below. It was extremely difficult to find one that fit my needs (90 deg., 25.4mm handlebars, ability to insert a curved bar...):

Anyone have an artistic cycling bike? Any ideas or suggestions?

I have an artistic bike. You can message me if you need help with anything
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