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I'm finding myself in a quandary. At the moment I don't feel any interest in acquiring another bike. There's nothing that really piques my interest, and I'm already feeling like I have too many bikes. I'm not sure what another one would add, whereas for all the other ones I know what they added. Which leaves me feeling like I have the option of spending a bit of coin on something else bike related. At the extreme end of the scale would be a pair of the Favero Assioma power pedals, because I could swap them from bike to bike and they'd be useful for outdoor training come Spring. Or a nice new wheelset for the Ritchey, because I may NEVER get around to rebuilding wheels on those old hubs. Or upgrading the Bianchi to 11 speed Centaur from 10 speed Veloce - or maybe the Battaglin, but I'd hate to give up those sweet Chorus ergos, and right now it works. Or a new computer rig for Zwifting. Or maybe a used wheel-off Smart trainer.

Decisions, decisions.
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