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For some reason, today the Litespeed felt better, and faster, than at any time in the 1200 miles I've ridden it so far. Too many possible variables to be sure, and no reason it has to be just one. Since Friday's ride - which felt good but not THIS good - I have:
  • Raised the saddle 3mm and moved it back about the same, to match the Canyon which always seems to be my fastest bike.
  • swapped out the Corsas for GP5Ks. And about time too! After 1100 miles, the tread on the rear is delaminating at the edges. . I only paid $33 a piece, so I guess you get what you pay for.
  • Spent a good 15 minutes trying to get the Fulcrum hubs adjusted to exactly the point just before you can feel play in them.
That's the bike. The other variable was the weather, which was about 70 most of the way, so I didn't overheat. Winds could have been better - I spent a LOT of the northbound trip either out on the tops of the hoods or in the drops. Speaking of which, I was comfortable out on top of the hoods with 90 degree bent arms, for quite a lot of time. Same thing on the hoods.

I gotta say, the Litespeed feels dialed. FINALLY it's what I was hoping it would be.
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