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Originally Posted by big john View Post
That chart lists bald-faced hornets similar to honey bees. I call B.S. I had one fly up the back of my shorts one time and it stung me on the glute. The pain was intense and quite startling. Like a honey bee times 10. It left a round welt the size of a silver dollar. This happened near Arcata, California. I don't think they live near L.A.
last summer was attacked by bees - and bats

was cutting grass at dusk - rode under a tree and hit a bees nest ... might have been hornets (?)

fell off the tractor when I caught my leg on a lever as I jumped off - then stumbled to my feet and bats were then flying / diving at me - maybe to scoop up the bees

I've also driven over bees nests that were in holes in the ground - neighbor told me they might have been 'bald face hornets' (?)

(later placed firewood in the hole and added some two stroke fuel and burned them out)
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