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Yesterday I raced the Southern California Nevada Cycling Association Team Time Trial state champs with three of my buddies, and we won! We pulled off a whopping time of 45:36, averaging 30.1 MPH. This is the second fastest ever recorded time on the course.

I got dropped 16:30 in for full disclosure, hit a pothole and rotated my bars down a lot. The truth is I was hurting and pretty much toast regardless.

I wish I had put in more preparation and studied the course more. The draft was minimized in the first half of the race (hardest part) due to there being a slight uphill and then a tailwind over some really rough roads where I had my mechanical. After making turn two, my teammates mentioned how much of a godsend the increased recovery was, and even still both Matt and Cody had to ask Kevin to slow down at one point. It was more critical then to not loose anyone because your time is clocked as the time of the third rider across the line. In retrospect, I should have shortened my pulls in the first half of the race and put in more practice riding the bike over rough roads. I wasn't following as closely as Fiesta Island and uncomfortable from the start. I really wanted to make it to the final few KM.

Still, I put in the work and it feels good to have contributed to the fastest amatuer team in the Southen California and Nevada Cyling Association in 2019! When standing around for the podium, I asked my teammates point blank, laughing: "If you were me, would you bother purchasing the state champ jersey?" We all chuckled and they said of course, I put it in the work, practiced, and made some marked improvements in 1 month with literally zero Time Trial experience. This is a really cool discipline and I like how safe and how pure it is compared to mass start racing - maybe I'll get into it and come back with a vengeance for the 2020 ITT/TTT champs!!!

I'm second from the left, getting felt up by Cody

Second from right here
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